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Let us save you time and give you shortly the top reasons why Skype should be your right choice.

1. It is easy to install and use.

All you need to do is visit the website www.skype.com and download the free software, get a computer, headphones or equivalent and an Internet connection.

2. You can make telephone calls through your computer.

But wait! When you hear this you’ll surely make your definite choice:  All of this Is available FREE of charge.

Skype has broken many barriers to communication. In the past you needed to care about the minutes and seconds you spend speaking on international calls, but Skype put an end to this. You no longer need to bother with counting minutes, if you use Skype for PC to PC communication. You need to pay nothing more than the monthly Internet service which you pay anyway, even without using Skype. With Skype you get unlimited and totally free calls, only if the other person is using Skype too.

Slika 1

3. Local and international calls to landlines and mobile phones.

This gives you opportunity to make low cost phone calls and also receive calls from these phones on your PC. This is not free, but the calling rates are very low compared to traditional landline and mobile international rates

4. Clear and consistent calls all over the world.

Besides having many options for talking over the Internet, including Yahoo, Microsoft Messenger and so on, Skype is the one, thanks to the highest quality voice it offers which is much better than on a regular telephone. This is why Skype is used all over the world: nearly all countries of the world, with highest number of users in Europe, North America and South East Asia.

5. Video calls, conferencing or multiple parties sharing a chat window is what makes Skype stand out in the crowd.

As Skype puts it: “Seeing is Believing”. Skype offers you to see your dear ones no matter where they are. You can even get a group of people together for personal or business purposes. This comes useful for business calls and long-distance conferences. It saves time and money for everybody.

Slika 2

6. File sharing.

You can share pictures, documents, songs etc. of any size with your friends, family or colleagues. You can send file during voice, video or group call. Simply click the button next to the “Call” option and you will get the option “Send File”:

Slika 3

To sum up, it’s easy, free of charge and useful. Meaning: You won’t regret for choosing Skype.

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