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Sure you already know that Google Translate is a free translator that supports translation of more than 60 languages. But there is one thing you might not know: you can bring the power of Google Translate to your own site with the Website Translator plugin.

Powered by Google Translate, the Website Translator makes your website available in other languages.

Adding the Website Translator to the pages on your website means that your international visitors will be offered the option to view a translated version of your website.

Visitors to your website with different web browser language will see an info banner at the top of the page asking them if they would like a translation of the page. They can also translate the page by using the Website Translator’s language selector, embedded in the page.

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How does this plugin actually work?

Every time one wants to translate a page, the Website Translator sends the selected text to Google Translate and thus shows the translated text, without redirecting visitors to another page.

With this plugin your site can touch a greater global audience. a The Website Translator can be easily and quickly added to any website and it only takes a couple of minutes:

  • Visit the Website Translator setup wizard

(http://goo.gl/G4KQN) and follow these simple steps:

  • Enter the URL (uniform resource locator, also known as web address) of the website you would like to add the Website Translator plugin to

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  • Select the language that your web page is written in.

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  • You can select the prefered translation languages you would like your website to be available in. You can pick all languages, or select individual languages by selecting the “Specific languages” button. Then check the languages you would like to automatically translate your web page into.

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  • Choose the way you’d like the Website Translator plugin to be displayed on your page.

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  • Eventually copy and paste the plugin code snippet of the Website Translator into the body section of the websites you like to have immediately available in other languages.

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