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If you are busy and you cannot answer a call on Skype, the Skype voicemail can do that for you.

Afterwards you can listen to your voice messages and return the calls when it is convenient for you.

Setting up a voicemail on Skype is very easy.

You can activate Voice Messaging manually from your account, for free. After you have activated it, you’ll need to set up your Voice Messaging preferences.

1. Start Skype and choose Tools from the main menu:

Slika 1

Then you choose: Options→Calls→Voicemail:

Slika 2

2. Make sure Receive unanswered calls as a voice

Message is checked. This means Voice Messaging is turned on and the default voicemail greeting is set.

Slika 3

3. Now you can record the Voicemail greeting that your callers will hear.

If you like you Skype to get a personal touch you should record your own voice message instead of the default voice message.

In this window you can see the three buttons you can use to record and play back your Voicemail greeting.

3.1. Just click the Record button, the red button in the middle and speak the Voicemail greeting you want callers to hear.

Slika 4

Your greeting/message may be up to 60 seconds in length.

3.2. When you finish recording your message click the

Stop button, the red button with the dot.

Slika 5

3.3 Click the Replay button i.e. the red button with a circular arrow for listening to the recently recorded message.

Slika 6

If you don’t like the recording, you can press the Record button again and re-record your greeting.

When you are satisfied with the recorded message click Save.

If you want to have back the default greeting, click the Reset button.

Slika 7.

4. Enter the number of seconds in the “I Do Not Answer within…Seconds” square to set the time period for switching the incoming mails to Voicemail.

Slika 8

5. If you check the I Reject an Incoming Call checkbox you can change the calls to Voicemail when you do not want to answer.

Slika 9

6. Select the I Am Already in a Call check box which sends calls to Voicemail when you are already in another conversation.

Slika 10

This will make your Skype experience easier and take care of one of your worries: will I miss an important Skype call.

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