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The latest version of Skype for Windows desktop gives you the option to record video messages and send them to your friends on Skype to share special moments in your life with them. Sending and receiving video messages is completely free.

All you need is the latest version of Skype for Windows desktop on Windows 7 or higher and a webcam.

Skype offers recording video material of up to three minutes per message.

It is very easy to record and send a video message to your friends on Skype:

1. Sign in to Skype.


2. Under Contacts, right-click the contact you’d like to send a video message to.

3. Then select Send Video Message.


You can send video messages to both your online and offline contacts.

3. After the appearance of the record screen, click on the record icon if you want to start or stop recording. Click the Play icon to see the recorded video message. If you want the video message to be re-recorded or canceled, click the adequate rectangular.


4. Now you can send the video message by clicking .

You can only send a video message to one contact at a time, but you cannot send a video message to a group conversation. And here is how you can view your received video messages:

  • First make sure you are using the latest version of Skype for Windows desktop.
  • The video message you have received appears in your Recent conversations.

Slika 4

Simply click the video to play it in the conversation window.


You can receive a video message even when you are offline.

If you’re using an earlier version of Skype, you will receive a link and a code. To view the video message you have received, simply click the link and enter the code on the webpage that opens in your internet browser.

There you go! And do not worry about not sharing some special event or moment in your life with someone special because Skype is here to help you with this .

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