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Microsoft Word 2013

This article covers the using of the ruler in Word 2013 which is very useful tool for defining the margins and indentation of the Word document text. With the Ruler you can define the text indentation of the Tab key, indentation of the First line in the paragraph and indentation of the other lines in the paragraph – Hanging indent.

01 - Ruler in Word document

If you don’t see the ruler in the opened Word document, choose the View Tab from the ribbon and in the Show group check the Ruler check box.

02 - Ruler check box


Uncheck the Ruler checkbox if you want to clear the ruler.

03 - First line indentation button

If you want to indent the first line of paragraph, first select the paragraph. Then, move the mouse pointer on the First Line Indent icon, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse cursor to the indentation point on the ruler. If you want to create the First Line Indent rule for the whole document, press Ctrl + A before dragging the First Line Indentation icon.

After selecting the new spot for the First Line Indent, the first line of the new paragraph will be indented automatically, without pressing the Tab key.

04 - Hanging Indent Icon

If you want to indent the other lines of paragraph (except first line), drag the Hanging Indent Icon on the preferred spot on the ruler.

05 - Left margin

For setting the left margin of the page, point the mouse cursor between the First Line Indent Icon and the Hanging Indent Icon to transform the mouse pointer in two sided arrow. Than hold down the left mouse button and drag to the left or right direction with the mouse to the spot where you wish the left page margin to be.

06 - Dotted line

When you click on some of the indentation icons on the ruler, Word displays the dotted vertical line that shows the place of the new margin.

07 - Righ Margin

For right indentation of the text or paragraph drag the Right Indent Icon on the right side of the ruler.

07 - Righ Margin

To move the right margin of the page, point the mouse cursor above the Right Indent Icon. When the mouse cursor transforms in two sided arrow, drag the dotted vertical line to the desired place.

08 - Vertical Ruler

Also, there is a vertical ruler placed on the left side of the Word document. It is useful for setting the top and bottom margins of the page. Point the cursor on the place between the white and grey part of the ruler while the mouse cursor changes to vertical two sided arrow. Next, while holding down the left mouse button clicked, drag the Top margin line to the place for the new top margin.

You can do the same for the Bottom line margin located in the bottom of the vertical ruler.

09 - Tab Icon

When the ruler is available, you can also use the Tab Icon located above the vertical ruler. You can select different Tab types while clicking on the Tab Icon. After selecting the desired Tab (Left, Center, Right etc.) click on some spot on the ruler and new Tab spot will be marked. After this, pressing Tab key while typing text in the document moves the text cursor to the Tab Spot. Select different types of Tab to see the difference when typing text after pressing Tab key.

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