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Microsoft Word 2010

Clip Art represents one of the most useful and fundamental functions of Microsoft Word 2010 in order to enhance your appearance.  Clip Art goes along with Microsoft Word 2010, but you can also add your saved images or you can edit the properties of the Clip Art that is provided in order to customize the it. However, the pictures provided, that vary in style and category, are more than enough for beginners. In addition to the hundreds of pictures that are installed with Clip Art in the regular Microsoft Word 2010 package, you can also download other pictures for it from office.com.

1. Clip Art can be installed very easily. Simply click the Insert tab that is in the middle of the Main Menu, and then select the Clip Art button.


Note: After this, a Clip Art task pane will appear on the right of the screen, where you can search for the clips you want to add to your document.

2. Now type the word for which you want to find clips.


3. Now select the type of media you want it to be by checking or unchecking the options given in the All media file types menu. After you are finished with checking just click the Go button.


Note: Any related clips are now shown on the large scrollable window below the search criteria. You can then click on any of them that you like in order to insert them into your document.


4. Now insert one of the clips by simply clicking on it and the clip will be inserted on your document.


5. Close the task pane by clicking on the x button on the right top corner of it.


Note: By default any added clips or graphics in a Microsoft Word 2010 document, has a default text wrapping in line with text. What this mean is that the picture that has been inserted into the document is regarded as simply another character in a sentence. You will not be able to click and drag the picture to the centre of the document.

6. To change the Text Wrapping you need to click the Wrap Text button from the Main Menu and then select the In Front of Text button.


Note: Now you will be able to move the picture anywhere you want on the document. To re size the picture just place your mouse pointer on any of the presented eight re sizing marks which have the circle or square shape.


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