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Microsoft Excel 2013

This is a continuation of PART 3.

Choosing chart types is very easy. You need just to select the cell range that should be the base of the chart.

01 - chart icons

Then, in the Insert Tab from the ribbon, in the Charts Group select the type of chart you wish to insert. There are many types of chart such as Column Chart, Bar Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Area Chart etc. You can choose them from the adequate icons.

Also you can choose a chart type from the Recommended Charts Icon in the Charts group. If you click on Recommended Charts Icon you will get the Insert Chart dialogue box with two tabs in it, Recommended Chart Tab and All Charts Tab. Choose one of the tabs and select the required type of chart. Press OK.

With Excel 2013 you can save the editing and formatting of the Excel’s chart types, so you can use them again for different data. This saves you time when you need to apply customized chart type more frequently.

02 - shortcut menu

First, right click on the chart which you want to be a template chart. Select Save as Template tab.

03 - save template

In the Save Chart Template dialogue box, enter the name of the chart in the File name box. Do not change the file’s location and Save as type. Click the Save button to close the dialogue box.

04 - base data

Select the data range which you want to be the base for the chart.

05 - dialogue launcher

Then, select the Insert Tab from the ribbon and click the Dialogue Box Launcher in the lower right corner of the Chart Group.

06 - insert chart dialogue box

Insert Chart dialogue box appears. Select the All Charts tab from the dialogue box and choose the Templates option in the navigations pane. If you want to see the name of the chart templates, point your mouse cursor over the thumbnail picture.

Double click on the picture if you want to insert the Chart template for the selected data range. Excel will apply the formatting from the Chart template and the selected cells will be used as the chart base.

You can use another procedure for applying customized chart templates on the charts which are already inserted in Excel’s workbook.

07 - change chart

Select the Chart Area of the inserted chart in the worksheet. Under the Design Tab in Chart Tools Tab select the Change Chart Type Icon.

08 - change chart dialogue box

In the Change Chart Type dialogue box select All Charts Tab and from the Templates Option select the desired chart type and press OK. After this, the previous chart will change to the chart type that you selected.

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