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Microsoft Outlook 2010

This is PART 2 of the lesson that explains the working screen in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Starting from the left, the mail screen contains the navigation pane, the message list, the reading pane and the to do bar.

The navigation pane is divided into three main parts while in mail.


From top to bottom these sections are favourite folders, mail folders and the view buttons. The mail folder section is the one that includes all of the folders that store your incoming and outgoing emails. The view buttons provide a convenient way to jump to different components in Outlook.

The inbox is an electronic mail box. It is the place where you can view, store and organize email messages. As you can see the inbox contents displayed by default in the message list, while in Outlook mail. If you click on a message in the message list you can see a full preview of it in the reading pain. You can also preview attachments included with a message. This preview allows you to view an attachment without actually opening it. By default of the reading pane appears to the right of the message list. Let’s click a message now to get a preview event. The message we have selected is displayed to the right without us having to open it. If it had an attachment we would simply double-click it to activate the attachment preview. This feature also helps to prevent any harmful attachments such as viruses and spyware from infecting your computer.


There is also the to do bar which is minimized in the far right side of the main outlook window. When the to do bar is expanded, it offers a consolidated view of the date, navigator, upcoming appointments and tasks and the flags message left.


Unlike the other components of Outlook, the to do bar appears in the same place in most views. Outlook 2010 has also introduced a new pane known as the people pane, located directly under the reading pane. The people pane allows users to connect with their outlook contacts through social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and My Space. This pane displays everything from messages to status updates and he just seen the interfaith about looking for a useful.

Also, learn how to add an e-mail signature to messages in Outlook.

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