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The question that runs through every computer user’s mind it that “Is my PC safe? ” Considering the fact that most times they are not protected because every day new viruses and malware are born, so despite vendor’s claims, no single antivirus solution, or indeed any one security software, can be relied upon for total protection without safe surfing and computing practices; we need the best antivirus software to put our fears and question to sleep. Antivirus is produces daily, and the market is being bombarded with numerous solutions, some free some paid for, making the users confused and not sure which product is best. Some meet the expectations others do not, which leave the user vulnerable to virus, malware and spyware attacks.

That why I am writing this article to enlighten PC users on the TOP BEST AND PAID ANTIVIRUS software for 2012. This is the list:

1. BitDefender Antivirus

It certainly would not be the best antivirus the IT industry has to offer, if it doesn’t have the ability to find and block malware with impeccable speed. Bitdefender is the most widely used and prefered antivirus, mainly because of its super speed on independent systems. Maybe the only bad thing about it, is its large and long installation. But, once you get acquainted with the extra features, you forget about it – silent security with Autopilot, Rescue Mode to handle tough threats, private data protection, identity theft protection and monitoring, and many more.

You can also monitor and configure it remotely, protect Facebook, and use one of the best anti-phishing tools.


2. McAfee Antivirus

On the second spot – with a Site Advisor Live that can create safe links for sharing,encryption of files and fast and stable scanning speed. As addition to these great traits, McAfee also offers a lot of new options, such as, the Network Intruder Alert systems, improvements on the Parental control, as well as access denial to some unsafe sites.

Even though some independent users have detected malware, McAfee antivirus rates second best because of its awesome security features, chest-like interface, shredding option, and the accuracy in spam filtering.


3. Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus is among the best antivirus in the world, and has a great performance on individual systems. You can reveal the file’s reputation by using the New File Advisor feature, in addition, fix Internet Explorer’s and Windows’ settings. Also, you can easily wipe off the traces of computer and browser activities.
Very few negatives – the phishing protection can get weak against some of the latest web sites. And there is the chance that some malware might not be identified.


4. ESET NOD32 Antivirus

Fourth on the list is ESET Nod32. The good recommendation for end users comes from the user-friendly interface, the good malware clean up, and the Safe mode scanning option. But, there are some inconsistencies with malware blocking, and weak performances against some rootkits. Still, this cons can be over seen, because of NOD32′s good scanning speed. And that’s why we have this antivirus in spot number 4.

eset nod

5. Norton Antivirus

An attractive, user-friendly interface and global map that shows the last 24 hours of cyber crime activity, and additional features like very good malware removal and blocking, tools for persistent malware removal make Norton Antivirus stands out from the crowd. The only thing that can be considered a drawback is its web-based protection and speed.


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