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I had the chance to test some of the reputable antivirus software applications and thus I wanted to share my impressions with everyone. We have tested BitDefender, Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 and F-Secure, which are three of the most wanted applications. There are many interesting conclusions that can be drawn from these tests.

We will start by analysing the BitDefender antivirus first. This is the application that really stands out from the crowd of many antivirus applications that have flooded the market. The newest version that came up in 2013 is especially worth having it, because you will be 100% positive that your computer system will be safe all the time and will resist all attacks like viruses, keyloggers, rootkits and many harmful programs. If it is a comfort reputable test labs like AV-Test and West Coast Labs approve it for usage. The installation is pretty much simple, and the software has a simple user interface that will guide you through all the steps. Keep in mind that the software offers a pre-installation scan of your computer system, and will clean your system once it is finished. It is advisable to use the recommended settings when you are installing the software. When the software is installed, you will see a popup screen like the one presented on figure 1.


When this screen appears, it means that the software is installed and has already cleaned any malware in your system.

Thanks to features like Active Virus Control, Autopilot, BitDefender is really a state of art software application. With Active Virus Control it monitors all activities of the applications, and it locates and destroys threats instantly. With Autopilot you define what has to be done, when the software locates any threat. It is worth mention that BitDefender doesn’t drain your system resources. Don’t worry about suspicious websites that contain malware code, the software will first warn you and after that if you continue browsing on that website, it will block any potential threat. Don’t worry about tech support. Their teams are always available by phone, email or live chat.

Our second test included Kaspersky Antivirus 2013. The new version that came out in 2013 includes protection from spyware, malware, Trojans, viruses and keyloggers to any computer configuration that exists. As for the installation, Kaspersky also has a simple user interface that guides the user through the installation process. There is no mistake while installing it. Kaspersky is not like those annoying applications that require reboot after the installation is finished. It includes a recovery disk that will rescue your computer. Although it belongs in the class of software applications that are more expensive, in the price you get licences for three computers. AV-Test, West Coast Labs and VB100 have tested the product and awarded it with 100% of success. Kaspersky offers many built features like virtual keyboard, gamer mode, desktop security gadget and URL Advisor. Thanks to the virtual keyboard feature, users can input personal information like credit card information, passwords for user accounts and other sensitive information. Interruptions during playing your favourite game are prevented thanks to the gamer mode feature with which you can enjoy in playing your favourite game while Kaspersky keeps you safe all the time. In case your computer is at risk, the desktop security gadget will change its colour, and you will know that Kaspersky is cleaning your PC. When the threat is blocked it will switch back its colour again. Thanks to the large knowledge base, devoted tech support employee’s that are always available on live chat or phone, we can conclude that Kaspersky offers good support for their users


The third software that we have tested is the F-Secure. Although it is relatively new and we have heard only good words for it, we decided to test it. While we were installing it we noticed that the installation process is clean and straightforward, and doesn’t require any additional knowledge. The installer will remove any previously installed antiviruses that might interfere in F-Secure’s work. Once they all cleaned from the system, F-Secure will perform a pre scan of the system and clean all potentially harmful programs. So far, F-Secure has been tested by AV-Test and won the AV+ certificate from AV Comparatives, which places him in the category of the few antivirus software applications that possess this kind of certification. The newest version of F-Secure uses proactive and heuristic protection against rootkits, viruses, spyware, worms and Trojans. Unfortunately it doesn’t offer anti phishing protection for email accounts, messengers and web searches. On-access scanning is used to scan all the files that are opened on the computer. Also there is an option to perform individual scanning of any file in the computer. The dashboard allows the user to perform scans of files and updates of the software. The DeepGuard 2.0 is the feature that collects all the threats in the cloud and sends warnings to all the users in the community.


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