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Microsoft Word 2013

This article explains you how to capture and paste screenshot in MS Word 2013 document without using any other application. The screenshot are taken from the opened windows in your computer. You can select a portion of the screen and move it freely around the document or make fix position.

01 - blank document

If you don’t have opened Word document, open Microsoft Office 2013, and choose Blank document from the New section.

02 - Screenshot icon

Select the Insert tab from the ribbon and click on the Screenshot icon located in the Illustrations group.

03 - available windows

Then, Available Windows clipboard appears and you have to choose from the given screenshots.

Before you proceed it is very important to know that you have to maximize the windows of other opened applications in order to be shown in the Available Windows box.

04 - maximize button

The maximize button is located in the top right corner of the opened window and it has a squared form.

Select one of the available thumbnails and the selected screenshot will be inserted in your Word document as a picture.

05 - Picture Tools Format

Once your screenshot is inserted, you can choose from various options under the Picture Tools – Format tab. You can set the picture style, change the size of the picture, align the object, add artistic effects, rotate the picture, etc.

06 - screen cliping

If you want to take a screenshot of some region from the desired window, click on the Screenshot icon, then click once on the thumbnail in Available Windows box and select the Screen Clipping icon located in the bottom left corner.

07 - cross hair cursor

By clicking on the screen clipping button, a cross hair cursor will appear on the selected screenshot.

08 - selected area

Then press the left mouse button, drag the mouse cursor to make rectangle selection and release the mouse button to finally select the desired area. This will crop the screenshot to the selected area.

It is important to know that if you want to crop the desired screenshot by clicking the Screenshot Clipping icon, first you have to select the window from the Window’s desktop, not from the Available Windows box in the Word document.

09 - selecting desired window for cropping

If the desired window screenshot is in the upper left corner in the Available Windows box, proceed with clicking the Screen Clipping icon.

You can do the same actions to the cropped image as with the regular pasted screenshots.

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