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MSExcel 03

This article covers the basics on how to calculate data and make formulas in Microsoft Excel. Assuming that you have read the article on how to create a table in Excel, we will continue here with creating formulas.

One of the main functions of Excel is calculating data – adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, as the simplest calculator operations. With Excel you can also make more complicated mathematical equations. In the beginning we will start with simple steps and with simple mathematical operations that will show us how to create formulas in Microsoft Excel.

Excel uses standard mathematical symbols, the plus sign (+) for adding, the minus sign (-) for subtracting, asterisk (*) for multiplication, and for division – forward slash (/). Unlike mathematical equations that you would write on paper, for example 5+5=10, Excel uses a slightly different format or sequence of symbols, because every formula or mathematical equation starts with (=). The formulas start with (=) simply because the cell is equal to the value or the formula that is entered.


MSExcel 03

New to Microsoft Excel?

This is the right place to start from zero and learn Microsoft Excel step by step.

In this tutorial, we will teach you a basic start and work with cells with Microsoft Excel. This is absolute begin for everyone interested about Microsoft Excel – the most used and useful desktop application designed for working with spreadsheets.

We will show tips and steps in Microsoft Excel 2013, but the procedure is the same and full compatible with all older Microsoft Excel versions.

After installation of Microsoft Excel, you will find an icon on your desktop. By double clicking on it, the main environment is shown: