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MSExcel 03

In this article we will show you interesting facts about Microsoft Excel which can help you to work this program with an ease.

Excel is a program, a part of  Microsoft Office. It is segregated for table calculations and many other similar activities.

Someone will say that Excel takes you a lot of time to do something, but that is not really true. There are a few useful and interesting things you can do and each of those things takes you very little time to do. Those things are of a great utility to create an Excel document, which is more attractive for watching.

1. Changing the colour of the sheet name tabs

Right click on the sheet and select the option “Tab color” and than you can choose which colour you like. It looks very fun and interesting for showing. It is so easy to do this, see how it looks like:

01 change color of the sheet name tabs

Excel also enables users to remove all formatting from cells. You can clear cell formatting from all of your selected cells at once in Excel.

2. Delete all formatting with one click

2.1 First you select all cells/ranges so you can give a command which cells/ranges will be removed and deleted. Press CTRL+A to select all the cells:

02 delete all formating

2.2 Than you continue with the tab Home – Editing, where you can edit everything what you want to change in your Excel document:

03 Editing 02

2.3 In that option you have more functions. From all these functions you will choose Clear All so you can delete all cells what you’ve been selected before:

04 Clear All 02






Imagine when you have long list of data and you need to quickly identify which of the items are unique. It is very easy. You can use Advanced Filters to do this.

3. How to filter unique items from a list

3.1 First you go on the option Data where you choose from the Main Menu:

05 Data

3.2 Than in that field you have a tool Filter and you select it:

06 Filter

3.3 Right click on the tool Filter, you have the option Advanced. Choose it and you check the Unique records only option and click OK.

07 Advanced - Unique Item

08 unique item









The Auto Sum feature provides a quick way to add up columns or rows of figures in a spreadsheet. This function makes it easy to sum all columns, rows and individual cells in one click.

4. Auto sum cells with one click

Select a bunch of cells and click on the Sigma symbol “∑” what you can find in the tab Home from the Main Menu. After that, you press Enter and you get the final sum.

09 bunch of cells 0210 Sigma Simbol 02









11 Final Sum 02











It is also very useful to mention the keyboard commands where you can use while making an Excel document. Here, many commands are presented that will help you make an Excel document, easier without using a mouse.

File and Window Commands Windows Keys
Open file CTRL+O
Close window CTRL+W
Print file CTRL+P
Save file CTRL+S
Undo/Redo Windows Keys
Enter Data Windows Keys
Enter Sum Formula ALT+=
Insert Time CTRL+SHIFT+:
Insert Today’s Date CTRL+;
Align text Windows Keys
Center a Text CTRL+E
Left Align Text CTRL+L
Right Align Text CTRL+R
Format Text Windows Keys
Italics CTRL+I
Underline CTRL+U
Edit Text Windows Keys
Copy Text CTRL+C
Paste Text CTRL+V
Deleted Selected Text CTRL+-
Insert Cells CTRL+SHIFT+ + ( plus sign )

These are the most interesting and useful facts about Excel, so, now you have more experience with all these activities and you can create an Excel document with these very easy steps..

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