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After learning about creating a Skype account http://www.softwareask.com/how-to-install-skype/ and why Skype is our best choice http://www.softwareask.com/what-makes-skype-your-right-choice/  it is time to learn how to secure our Skype account.

Skype is a frequent target of hackers who use our personal data improperly.

Being aware of this you sure want to take some measures to protect your Skype account and your personal data.

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Here is what you need to do:

1. Choose a secure password

Choosing a secure password for your Skype account is very important. Hackers use lists of common passwords to access accounts and not only on Skype but across all websites. It is therefore crucial to use a strong and unique password.

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1.1. Mix letters, numbers and characters

Combine letters, numbers and characters, like the characters above the numbers on many keyboards: $, !, # etc.

1.2. Use long password

The longer your password is, the stronger it usually is, but the harder to remember.

So how can we choose a good password that is long and complex but still easy to remember?

There are many of ways, so why not try some of the using techniques:

1.3.  Use a sentence as your password

Passwords are limited to 20 characters but still you can use a short sentence, thus creating a difficult password to crack. Include numbers in your passwords, so instead of “MyVeryRarePassword” try using “MyV3ryRar3Passw0rd”.

1.4. Use uppercase and lowercase

“thepassword” is not as secure as “ThePassWorD”. So add in a few capital letters.

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1.5. Make password personal

Your password should be something that only you know and not something others might easily guess, like for example your pet’s name or your favorite food. Nowadays when personal information is so very available on the social networks, you should try to use something unique.

1.6. Different password for all your places

Everyone has more than one account and password that they have to remember, no matter the purpose of it. While some websites care about your, others do not , so it is recommendable to use passwords that are unique for each website you use in order to prevent misusing your data.

1.7. Change your password regularly

It is not recommended to keep the same password for many years, but the same goes to changing it every day. So the practical solution to this would be: changing your password a couple of times a year.

2. Protect your computer

Viruses can harm your computer and collect your private data, no matter if you are using Skype or not. Avoid this by following these tips:

2.1. Most viruses these days come in the form of e-mail attachments so don’t open attachments from people you don’t know.

2.2. Always use an antivirus program to check files you receive from other people, whether by Skype or another method, even if you recognize the sender. Always keep your antivirus program up-to-date.

2.3. Use a personal firewall.

Make sure you have set your pc to regularly receive the latest security updates. This is not just the operating system itself, but also the applications such as Adobe Flash, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

2.4. Always use official sites to download content from. Also be careful which sites you visit.

3. Keep Skype up-to-date

Skype always informs you when a new, improved version becomes available. You can also manually check for any updates. All you have to do is go to  Help and choose Check for Updates.

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4. Set properly your privacy settings

For properly setting your Skype privacy open Skype, click Tools and then Options and Privacy.

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It is not recommended to authorize people whom you do not know and/or do not want to talk to.

5. Profile settings

You can add as much or as little information on your profile, as you like. In order to enhance your security it is better to make some of your profile information visible only to your contacts or even private.

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Your email address is safely saved by Skype and not shown to anyone else. Some information on Skype is only Public and you cannot control this, so do not put details in your user profile that you don’t want to be publicly accessible. You don’t have to fill in your user profile if you don’t want to. You can also edit your profile at any time. Just go to Skype option placed above your Skype name then choose Profile and Edit Your Profile.

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