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Traditional calling services like PSTN are now replaced by new and powerful VoIP services that only require broadband internet connection and a suitable hardware to work. Every day there are many new VoIP companies that appear and struggle to get a bigger piece of the market, because the VoIP market is constantly growing. People have realized that VoIP is much cheaper than traditional phone lines that require a lot of maintenance. For those who are not familiar with VoIP, we will provide a short description about the service.

The term VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a new way of communication that replaces the traditional copper lines and old phones. The concept is the same but the equipment and the way how the voice is transferred to the recipient is new. This technology uses broadband Internet (high speed internet access is preferable in order to achieve better sound quality) to transfer the voice call to the final recipient. A simple schematic on how the VoIP works is presented on figure 1

connecting voip

The internet signal is sent to the adapter or VoIP gateway if you prefer. The adapter is programmed by the VoIP provider with the specific number of the subscriber and the dialing rules. The adapter is also used to modulate outgoing calls and sends them to the final recipient by Internet.

We have tested many of the companies that provide VoIP services, but Phone Power VoIP is the company that really deserves a lot of attention. First of all they are a company that is relatively new on the market, but has succeeded to raise the standards of quality towards customer satisfaction. Their customers can choose from the three VoIP plans they offer. Depending on the time of the contract, the tariff plans are Month to Month, one year contract and two year contract. Customers that sign up for an annual contract receive lower monthly fees and free calls within the Phone Power network. Phone Power also gives the possibility to every customer to use mobile app and make calls from the smartphone or tablet. Besides the VoIP telephony, Phone Power offers services like faxing, toll free telephone numbers and support for softphone applications, by which customers can make or receive calls on their computers. Phone Power offers wide range of features like voicemail, caller ID, speed dial, call transferring, call return, and e911. It must be mentioned that e911 feature automatically sends the dispatcher the name and address of the caller, in case the caller cannot say his full name or address. Setting up the service is very easy, and customers usually set it up by themselves. Users can track the used minutes and purchase new services on Phone Power website, by just logging into their account. The best thing about Phone Power is the 24/7/365 tech support. In case the customer is facing Internet outage, Phone Power offers one specific service called FailSafe free of charge. Thanks to this feature, customers can transfer their calls to specific number they choose, in case there is no active Internet connection on the VoIP modem. Highly skilled and qualified professionals are always available to help customers with their issues. Besides residential services, the company offers services for small businesses or large businesses that require more complex PBX solutions.

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