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Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus gives you the needed protection by quickly and accurately detecting and eliminating viruses and spyware. You wont get or pass any viruses while downloading or sharing. This antivirus program scans and eliminates viruses and spyware from your downloads, and also protects you from not yet invented viruses. It even protects you from new viruses that haven’t been invented yet. The Browser protection allows you to work online without the risk of your computer being attacked, infected or scammed.

The unsafe websites and the online threats will be blocked and stopped even before they reach your computer. Your private information, passwords and identity will be protected from being stolen.. Norton Antivirus scans and updates when you’re not using your computer, so it won’t slow it you down. It automatically sends you updates, so you’ll always have the up-to-date product version, with no additional action needed.

The following text will guide you through the downloading and installing process, and show you how to use the scanning and updating tools.

Go to this link to download the 30 days trial version: http://us.norton.com/downloads-trial-norton-antivirus?inid=us_hho_topnav_download_detail_nav

When you press Download, a dialog box will open where you need to press the Save File button.

1. Save File

After you’ve downloaded the installation file, locate it on your computer, double-click it. A window will appear where you will need to press Run.

2. Run

After that a new window will appear. You can press the Install Options button if you wish to change the destination folder where Norton Antivirus will be installed on your computer.

3. Install Options

In the next window that appears click on the Browse button to select the file where you want Norton Antivirus to be installed and then click OK.


After you’ve finished choosing the destination folder, you need to press the Agree and Install button. By pressing that button you are agreeing to Accept Norton license Agreement.

5.Agree and Instal

Then, the Installation process will begin.

6. Installing

After the installation is finished, a window will appear where you can press Explore to open your newly installed Norton Antivirus.

7. Completed

The next window that appears is the Norton Antivirus interface. A dialog box will open immediately, informing you to register to activate your product by entering your e-mail address and then pressing the Next button.

8. Registration

Now, when you’ve successfully installed the Antivirus and registered your product you may begin using this antivirus software for protection of you computer.

  • Scanning

When you open the Norton Antivirus, by double-clicking the desktop icon, click Scan Now.

9. Scan

A new window will appear where you can choose the type of scan you would like to use. The first option is Computer Scan, where you can choose between Quick Scan, Full System Scan and Custom Scan.

10. Computer scan

If, for example, you choose the Quick Scan, a new window will appear, showing you the scanning progress.

11. Quick scan

The second scan option is the Reputation Scan. You can choose between Quick Scan, Full System Scan and Custom Scan.

12. Reputation scan

The third scan option is the Scan Facebook Wall.

13. Scan Fb Wall

  • Updating

There are two ways of updating your Norton Antivirus. First, you can click the LiveUpdate button, once you open the program.

14. Live Update

A new window will open showing you the time of your last update. Press the Run Live Update button.

15. Run Live Update

After that, the window that appears will show you the progress of your Live Update.

16. Live Update Progress

The second way of updating your Norton Antivirus is by clicking the Settings button on the menu bar.

17. Settings

In the next window that appears click the Updates button on the left side; make sure that all the options are set On so your antivirus will update automatically.

18. Updates

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