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Having trouble reading on the Web? Is the font extremely small? Or maybe you are having hard time reading an illegible text on a certain site?

NoSquint is here to help!

NoSquint is a popular Firefox add-on which enables you to adjust the default text zoom level, a very useful tool if you have a small display or run at a very high resolution.

This Firefox Add-on allows you to read websites easier and it offers options for adjusting text size, overall size, text and background color, to web pages viewed in Firefox.

All in all, NoSquint exists to make web browsing tolerable in Firefox. It allows users to adjust text and images zoom levels as well as color settings both globally, for every visited page and per site, for individual sites.

NoSquint is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X and Windows.

Here is what NoSquint can offer you:

  1. Eliminate the default text-only and full-page, both text and images, zoom levels for all websites.
  2. Improve and enforce your foreground and background colors.
  3. This add-on can remember the zoom levels you use, as well as the color settings per site and automatically apply them the next time you return to a certain page.

Slika 1

After installing NoSquint, you get a magnifying glass icon into the Firefox Add-on Bar

Slika 2

and Plus and Minus signs across the top, adjacent to the address bar:

Slika 3

The signs, “Plus” and “Minus” merely give a quick and handy method for basic zoom in and zoom out.

The Add-on Bar icon is the place where you can access the full range of functions of NoSquint.

With each mouse click: left, right and center you get a different set of options.

1. Left click for the settings of each individual page visited.

Slika 4

2. Center click for global settings, that is settings for all the web sites.

Slika 5

3. Right click for further zoom options and access to settings.

Slika 6

Now let us see how NoSquint can help with reading poorly designed web pages.

The first picture shows white text on light background which makes it practically unreadable:

Slika 7

But after simply adjusting the text color via NoSquint:

Slika 8

There you go! One more Firefox Add-on that will make your life easier.

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