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MalwareByte Anti-Malware is the best software that keeps your computer safe of infecting with any kind of Malwares, Spywares, Trojan… Usually this malwares are causing a big problem to the functioning of your computer. Sometimes is very hard for Anti-Virus program to detect them but MalwareBytes is specially designed software for this kind of hidden infections. Just to know MalwareByte is not an Anti-virus program (you need to have one) it is a program that you need to run periodically so you can protect your computer and stay safe.

1. First Step Install  MalwareByte.

2. Analyze your computer and delete the detected infections.

1. Install the MalwareByte software


  • Now RUN and install the program step by-step…


03.Accept the agreement


After you finish with the installation of MalwareByte software, proceed to the next step, the first scan of your system.

2. Analyze your system and delete the detected infections.

  • With the first run of the program, you will be asked for updates of the database, always keep your database up to date.

06.Database update

  • When the update is done, you will get to the main window of the program.

We can start with the scanner ride after, because the settings are well done by default.

If this is your first scan we recommend you to perform a full scan, if not, you can go with            quick or flash scan.

*Quick scan, search only through the system files;

*Full scan, search through all the computer (usually it takes longer);

*Flash scan, search through the registry.

  • When the scan is done, number marked with red is the number of infections found.

Now press the Show Results button, to see where the infections are located and to delete them.

07.Main window

08.Objects detected

09.Show Results

  • In the last step we check all the objects found and press the Remove Selected button. When the infected objects are removed you MUST restart your computer. After the restart you are DONE and Safe J

10.Check and delete

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