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It happens to me often to spend hours searching Google and then go back again to find an answer from Wikipedia.

If you are one of those people whose search results lead mostly to a Wikipedia page, you would do well to install the Googlepedia extension for Firefox.

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When you combine the efficiency and accessibility of a Google search with the vast amounts of information available on Wikipedia, all nicely wrapped in the form of a Firefox add-on, you get something like Googlepedia 0.5.5. This free software extension shows relevant Wikipedia articles whenever you enter a search query in the Google search engine.

Googlepedia is a free software extension for the Web browsers Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that displays related articles from Wikipedia, the free Web-based encyclopedia, related to the keywords you entered.

Googlepedia shows you a applicable Wikipedia article along with your search results. Clicking links in the article will start new Google searches, thus making it a very useful research tool which works wherever Firefox does.

This free, extremely useful add-on pulls the Wikipedia article most closely associated with your search term into the right half of the search results page. Luckily you also have the opportunity to expand, shrink or hide the article.

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If do not have plenty of time for searching the web and quick search is all you need, then Googlepedia will undoubtedly save you time.

Here is a list of several features of this add-on that will make you enjoy your web searching experience:

1. Turns internal Wikipedia links into Google search links

2. Uses Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky(tm) feature to find relevant articles

3. Links images directly to their full-sized versions

4. Removes Google AdWords

5. It can be easily disabled with a simple click of a button, just as,

6. It can as easily be expanded to full screen mode, that is it can be expanded to the full width of the page

7. Uses your local language Wikipedia based on the Google language

8. Works with Firefox 1.5 through 3.X versions. I strongly advise you to update your browser to Firefox 3.0 mainly due to security related issues.

9. The new version 0.5.5, Googlepedia has increased language support for the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, German, Dutch, Czech, Polish and Portuguese.

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