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First of all, let me define the term “tooltip” for you, so that you can learn easier about this Firefox add-on. “Toolpit” is a small rectangular pop-up window that displays a brief description of a toolbar button when a computer mouse lands on that button.

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Dictionary Tooltip is a Firefox extension which displays the definition of words in a small tooltip on the same page. This extension is ideal for those who do not like switching their window to see the meaning of a word.

All you have to do to acquire this popular add-on is to download it from Firefox add-on website (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/), restart Firefox and there you go.

With the Dictionary Tooltip you do not have to open a new tab to see the definition, just:

1. Select the word and press ctrl+K;

2. Double-click a word to see its meaning on the same page or

3. Select the word, right-click a select “DictionaryTip” to see the definition.

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Now after we have learnt how to download use this add-on, let me tell you a few words on its best features:

1. Supports various dictionary Internet sites.

DictionaryTooltip currently supports a wide range of websites. There are many translation websites like Spanish -> English, German -> English, Japanese -> English, etc.

2. Look up definitions from different sites with one click.

DicitonaryTooltip interface allows you to easily switch the websites and translations to lookup the definitions of the words whose meaning you might not know.

3. Add Custom Sites.

You can include your preferred websites via a user-friendly user interface. You’ll discover each Easy as well as Professional Settings to personalize the appearance for normal and power users.

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4. Improve your vocabulary.

This is the best thing you can gain from this add-on. Dictionary Tooltip can help you improve and enrich your vocabulary because it stores all the words you viewed locally for future reference. You may also write a few notes for the word for easy remembrance.

This add-on, Dictionary Tooltip, runs wherever Firefox does. Firefox once again proved its goal to easy your web-searching experience and make your work as pleasant as possible.

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