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This text contains information about installation, scanning and upgrading the Avira Antivuirus and will guide you through the details of those processes.

Avira is one of the most used antivirus software in the world. Avira Free Antivirus 2013 is very easy to install and starts protecting your system right away. It includes all the tools and options you would expect and need from an antivirus, such as different types of scan, support for scheduling, automatic updates, and a quarantine area for suspicious files.

You can download the Avira Free Antivirus 2013 on the Avira home page http://www.avira.com/en/index. Once you’ve downloaded the binary file from the link, locate it on your computer, double-click it, press run and the setup process will begin.

  • The setup wizard window will appear explaining that it will install the Avira Free Antivirus 2013 on your computer. Click on the Next button.

1. Next

  • Choose the language you would like to use for this program by clicking on the language options and then click Next.

2. Language

  • Afer this, the download of Avira Free Antivirus 2013 will begin.

3. Downloading

  • Locate the setup file and open it by double –clicking.


  • You will have to wait a few seconds to unpack the content of the setup file and once it finishes you can choose the installation type. If you want more control over what you are going to install choose the Custom option. You will have to accept the user license agreement and then click Next.

5. instalation type

  • In the next window that appears, choose to instal the Web Protection and then click Next.

6. Web protection

  • Now you can choose the Instalation Folder on the Browse button, but if there is no reason to change  the default folder, just click Next.

7. Instalation Folder

  • In the next window you can add or remove components. It’s for the best to leave all the components as they are and click Next so you can continue with the Instalation.

8. Components

  • Now, by checking the given options you can choose to Create desctop icon and/or Create a program group in the Start Menu. You can check both of the options if you want, and then click Next.

9. Create desktop icon

  • A Welcome the Configuration Wizard window will appear which will help you with the basic configuration of the program. Click the Next button to continue.

10. Welcome to configuration wizard

  • This is the configuration section and in this window you need to configure the detection level. Check the little box named Activate AHeAD heuristics; this detection level determines how accurately new viruses and malware are detected; and also check Medium detection level which is the optimum level recommended by the developer. Then press Next to continue.

11. Configure-ahead-heuristics

  • Now you need to select extended threat categories, threat categories the program should scan for. Not all categories are selected by default, but it’s recommended to select all of them so you can increase your protection. Check the Select all box. Then press the Next button to continue.

12. Select all threat categories

  • In the next window you need to specify the start mode for this antivirus and it’s recommended to choose the Normal Start. Then press Next to continue.

13. Normal start

  • This window recommends that you run a short system scan for viruses and other malware after the installation. Check the option Perform short system scan after installation and press the Next button.

14 Perform short system scan

  • The next window informs you that you have configured Avira. Just click on the Finish button.

15. Finish, close configuration

  • Then you will see another window with Avira Free Antivirus connecting to the Internet in order to update the antivirus database. Make sure that you have a connection to the Internet.

16 Update

  • If the update is successful, it will automatically install the updates and start a quick scan of your computer.

17. Quick scan

  • After the quick scan is finished, a new window will appear showing if there were any infections found on your computer.

18. Infections

  • After this you should perform a full System Scan. After you open Avira main interface click on the Scan system and the program will begin the scanning of your computer.


  • You can Upgrade Avira by clicking the Upgrade button on the Avira main interface; and also you should update the program occasionally, by clicking on the Start update button.


After taking these steps you will have very powerful Antivirus software which will protect your computer, but keep in mind that you will have to update and upgrade your antivirus in order to get protection from every harmful files and viruses that are created daily.

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