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AVG Free Antivirus

AVG (Anti-Virus Guard) is one of the best known Internet security software. Its main purpose is to detect and stop viruses, malware and threats that are harmful for your computer. This antivirus is very easy to use, doesn’t affect your computers performance and, most important, provides you the protection you need.

It is always recommended that you use the latest installation file, this way you will have the best possible level of protection and less update files will need to be downloaded after the installation. The link for free download of AVG Antivirus is: http://download.cnet.com/AVG-AntiVirus-Free-2013/3000-2239_4-10320142.html?part=dl-avg_free_eu&subj=dl&tag=button

After you press download, a dialog box will appear where you will need to click Save File.

1. Save file

After that you need to locate the downloaded file, double-click it, press Run.

2. Run

The AVG Setup will start with the extraction of files.

3. Extracting

And then, the installation will begin. The AVG installation wizard will walk you through the process of installing or uninstalling AVG on your computer.

4. Initializing installlation

First you will need to choose the language which will be used in the installation process. The first dialog box contains a drop down menu with all language options for the setup. Later it will be possible to choose which languages you want to be installed. After the AVG installation is complete, you can change the language that you have selected. Once you choose your language, press Next.

5. Language

The next window contains the license agreement. To proceed with the installation, you need to click Accept.

6. Accept Licence

In the next window you can choose between the Free Antivirus and the Trial Version. I chose the free version, but you can choose the trial which will last 30 days and then you can switch back to the free version. After you choose, click Next.

7. Free Version

In the next window that appears you need to choose between the Quick Install and Custom Install options:

  • The Express Install is the recommended choice for most users.
  • By using the Custom Install option, you can change the settings for the installation, you can select manually the components that you want to install, etc.

I chose the Express Install option, click Next to proceed.

8. Express Install

In this window you have a few choices, which you need to check if you want, but you must check the box where you Accept the AVG License Agreement. Then click Next to continue.

9. Licence Agreement and Toolbar

After that, the installation process will begin. You have to wait while the files are being copied on the computer.

10. Installation

The installation result will appear once the installation process is completed. In this window you can register the program to get up-to-date product information and news. It is recommended that you restart your computer after the installation of AVG Antivirus.

11. Complete

After you restart the computer, you will be fully protected with the AVG Antivirus program.

  • Scanning

It is recommended that you do a full scan of the computer once a week. To enable the automatic scan open the AVG program and click the Scan now button; or if you want to schedule your own regular scan you need to click the Scan Options.

12. Scan Options

A list of tasks will be displayed:

  • Select an existing scheduled scan and click Edit scan schedule to adjust an existing plan; or
  • Click Add scan schedule if you want to create a new plan.

13. Menage scans

You have to make sure that the switch on the top of the window is set to Enabled. You can adjust the time of the regular scan according to your needs. After that just click Save.

14. Edit or Add

  • Updating

AVG is set to automatically update on a regular basis to ensure that your protection is always up-to-date. However, if you want, you can start the update process manually. First you need to open the AVG program and click the Update now button. If there are new update files available, AVG will download these files and update it self automatically.

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