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After finishing your document, you may want to print it. This tutorial covers the necessary steps for printing one document.

The main difference between printing in Microsoft Word 2010 and previous versions of Word is the most commonly used Print Preview option. Microsoft Word 2010 combined the Print Preview option with the Print window and created the Print Pane.

Now, you can follow these 12 steps for printing the documents.

To View the Print Pane:

1. Click the File tab

2. Select Print (you can see the print settings on the left and the Preview on the right)

01 Print Pane3. Select the number of copies.

4. Select a printer from the drop down list if your computer is connected to multiple printers, otherwise your printer is chosen by default.

5. Select Print All Pages (for printing all of your document) or type a range of pages (for printing certain pages, just part of your document).

6. Choose whether to print on one side or both side of the paper.

7. If you’re printing multiple copies, you can choose whether you want the copies collated or uncollated.

8. Choose Portrait (for vertical orientation of the document) or Landscape (for horizontal orientation of the document) orientation.

9. Choose the paper size that you want your printer to use.

10. You can adjust the margins (this is especially useful if parts of your document are being cut off by the printer).

11. Set the number of pages per sheet here.

12. Click the Print button. (when you’re finally finished and satisfied with your printing settings and are ready to print your document, click the Print button).

Quick Print

Quick Print is used for printing something faster, with a single click. The documents are printed using the default settings and the default printer.

You will need to add the Quick Print option in Quick Access Toolbar in Word 2010, in order to use it.

Quick Print always prints the whole document, so if you  want to print some part of your document you’ll have to use the Print Pane.

To Access the Quick Print Button:

1. Click the drop-down arrow on the right side of the Quick Access Toolbar.

2. Select Quick Print if it is not already checked.

02 Adding Quick Print

3. To print, just click the Quick Print command.

03 Quick Print command

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