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Microsoft Excel 2013

This parts presents the drag and drop maneuvers and Icons that you need to know for adjusting the page margins. Page margins are extremely important when you need to mark the area in the page that you want to be printed.

01 - scalling

If you select Fit Sheet on One Page from Scaling pane, you will fit your workbook content in one page. You can use this tool in case when your content is cut off by the printer, but the content might become too small to read because is adjusted to fit in one page. With Fit all Columns on One Page and Fit All Rows on One Page you can fit the print out according to the number of rows or columns in the entire workbook.

No Scaling options prints the sheets without any adjustment.

02 - margin icon

Sometimes you will need to move the margin for single row or column in order to fit in the print out. In bottom right corner of backstage screen there is a little icon called Show Margin which shows you the margins of the page. Click the icon to move the margins.

03 - margin marker

The page margins appear in the Preview Pane when the Show Margin Icon is pressed.

04 - cursor change

When you hover the mouse cursor on the margin marker the cursor changes to double headed arrow. Click, hold and drag the mouse to increase or decrease margin width. After releasing the mouse, margin position will be changed.

05 - print all

In Page Layout Tab from the ribbon, there is a Sheet Options group which allows you to print the Gridlines and Headings from the workbook. Check all the checkboxes in the group if you want to view and print the Gridlines and Headings.

06 - preview

In the Preview Pane you can see the result from checking all checkboxes in Sheet Options group.

07 - page break icon

If you want to move the page break margins in Excel workbook, click on the Page Break Preview Icon located in the bottom right corner of the workbook window, by the left side of zoom slider.

08 - drag the margin

Hover the mouse cursor over the page margin to make the cursor double headed arrow. Click on the mouse, hold and drag to change the width or height of the page margin.

09 - scale to fit

You can use the commands from Scale to Fit group from Page Layout Tab to adjust the width and height of the page margins.

If you want to print a chart or some other objects, click on the object and select the File B. Then, in the backstage screen select the Print Pane. You should see the chart graph in the Preview Pane. Next, click on the Print Icon to print the chart.

When you finish with configuring the options press the Print Icon in the Print Pane.

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