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Microsoft Excel 2013

This article explains the most efficient procedures for printing in Excel 2013. Although for quick print you need just to press Ctrl + P key and select the Print Icon from the backstage screen, there are many tools which can be very useful for completely setting up the printing process. The article is divided in two parts. The first part covers the printing options like setting the proper printer, setting the print area, paper format, number of pages to be printed etc. You can adjust these options with few clicks on the mouse. The second part covers setting the page margins which often requires drag and drop maneuvers with the mouse. You should use the preview pane in backstage screen to see the result from these maneuvers.


To print workbook, worksheet or particular range of cells in Excel 2013 you have to access the Print Pane.

01 - file tab

First, open the Excel document which you like to print. Then select the File Tab from the ribbon.

02 - print pane

From the right side bar in backstage screen choose the Print Tab. The print pane will appear with many options for setting up the printing.

03 - print copies

When you click on the Print Icon the computer stars with printing, but before that you need to adjust the settings for proper printing. Right next to this icon is the box where you can select the proper number of copies. Select the arrows to enter the number of copies you want.

04 - printe

By clicking on the printer Drop Down Arrow you can choose the type of printer you want to use.

05 - settings pane

The first label below the Setting sections gives you option to choose whether you like to print an entire workbook, active sheets or print selection.

For printing the entire workbook click on the Drop Down Arrow and select Print Entire Workbook Tab.

To print the active sheet, select the Print Active Sheets Tab from the Drop Down Menu. “Active” sheet is the one you see on the Excel workbook. If you like to print multiple sheets, get back to the workbook screen and select the sheets. Press Ctrl key and select the sheets one by one holding down the Ctrl key. After selection release the mouse button and Ctrl key.

06 - set print area

If you select Print Selection, a preview of the selected cells will appear in the Preview Pane. To set the print area, select the cells you want to print, select the Page Layout Tab, select the Print Area Icon in Page Set Up group and choose Set Print Area.

07 - page numbers

To set printing of particular range of pages, enter the numbers in the boxes located by the Pages label. The printing will include the pages entered in the number boxes.

08 - print side

Below the Pages label in Settings pane, select the drop down arrow to choose whether you like to print on one side of the paper or on the both sides of the paper. Select Print One Sided for the first option and Print on Both Sides for the second. The printing on both sides depends on whether your printer has the options to print on both sides.

09 - collated

With Collated Button you may select to print collated or uncollated pages.

10 - document orientation

Next, you can choose whether to print Portrait Oriented Document or Landscape Oriented document.

11 - letter format 11 - letter format

With the Letter Pane you can choose different sizes of paper format in case your printer has other format than the standard A4.

This article continues in PART 2.

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