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Apache Open Office is the leading open-source office software suite in the world of technology. It has completely open development process, so anyone can enhance the software, report bugs or give ideas for improving. It works perfectly on every Operating system, it is available in many languages and compared to other office software suites, it is completely free of charge no matter the purpose of using. We can say Open Office with its free software license and active international community is a must-have desktop application that you will love it.

In this tutorial you will learn how to download, install and start using Open Office.

  1. Download the Open Office suite
  2. Install it on your computer
  3. Simple steps, how to start using it

1. Like we said, Open Office is a software that you can download without any fees. The only thing that you need to do is open the official site, and download it.

  • In your internet browser open www.openoffice.org. On the home page you can see few categories, if you want to download the software press Download Apache Open Office… link shown below


2. When the downloading is done you can proceed with the next step – Installing the software…

  • Run the setup


  • You need to choose a destination folder where installation files will be unpacked, or just press the unpack button if the destination chosen from your Operating System is okay.


  • Enter your Name and choose who will use this application, only you or anyone who uses the computer…

04.Customer Information

  • You are done with the installation, press the Finish button.


3. After the installation we will show you how to start using Open Office.

  • Start the program from your desktop icon. On the first window Open Office gives you choices, you can choose what exactly you want to do…

06.What you want to do

  • Option 1 – Text Document Make, arrange or open existing document, with text in a simple Text Document
  • Option 2 – Spreadsheet Make, arrange or open existing document, in a simple Spreadsheet Document
  • Option 3 – Presentation Make, arrange or open existing presentation for slide show
  • Option 4 – Drawing Make, your unique drawing creation or open an existing one.
  • Option 5 – Database Make, your own database with contacts or any other kind of information
  • Option 6 – Formula Make, document with mathematical or economic formulas

If you follow all this steps, you are ready to start using Open Office.

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