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You have written some document text, or you download some video. But you need make your document in other format. Or you want your favorite download video to make as an audio format. You need to write the document again in other format? You think about it how to make your download video in audio format? Stop to think about that. You don’t need to loose your time to do the same thing again.

Today the Internet is very enormous and there are millions of programs to make the impossible things into a big possibility.

You ask yourself how it is possible to fulfill your desire? Internet is everything, the Internet gives you everything. More things on Internet are for free, there aren’t any fees for that.

To make your document in other format, or to make your download video in audio format, everything you need is Free Online File Converter. It is free to use, it is safe, without any viruses. You can convert your media free, fast and online. No software installation needed. All you need is uploading your document, video from your computer or you have and other option, to put the URL link you want.

The website URL link where you can go to do all this is www.online-convert.com  Let’s see how it looks like:

01 website link

There are many target formats in the tab Home. You can use which one you want. How you can see, there are: Audio converter, Video converter, Image converter, Document converter, Ebook converter, Archive converter and Hash converter:

02 target formats

We will go step by step to explain all the things that you need to do so you can convert many media files.

First we will start with Audio converter. You use this converter to change your audio in other format. For example you choose to convert the audio file to mp3 format:

03 audio converter

When you will select the mp3 format, you will get two options: Upload your audio you want to convert to mp3 or enter URL of the file you want to convert to mp3. You choose what you want. If you choose the first option, you select an audio from your computer or if you choose the second one, you need to copy your website URL link and put it there.

04 convert to mp3

After putting your audio, you don’t need to change the other options, you only click the button Convert file and the process starts automatically. You will see when it will be finished. You don’t need to do anything, you only wait for your converted audio. It will appear. Than you will need to save it to your computer, or only you can open it without saving:

05 convert to mp3 final step

It is the same procedure and with the other converters.

You can use the online file converter without registration, but also if you want, you can register too. When you are registered, you can easily come to all information from this website. But however that is your choice you register or not. This is all registration process:

06 register

07 resitration process

This is it. From now, you can have all converted media file formats without any fees.

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