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MSExcel 03

New to Microsoft Excel?

This is the right place to start from zero and learn Microsoft Excel step by step.

In this tutorial, we will teach you a basic start and work with cells with Microsoft Excel. This is absolute begin for everyone interested about Microsoft Excel – the most used and useful desktop application designed for working with spreadsheets.

We will show tips and steps in Microsoft Excel 2013, but the procedure is the same and full compatible with all older Microsoft Excel versions.

After installation of Microsoft Excel, you will find an icon on your desktop. By double clicking on it, the main environment is shown:









1. Click on Blank workbook. This is only different from older Microsoft Excel version. In future, in this section you can find interesting and useful templates that will make your work more easy.

2. Let say, you want to create a table containing two rows and two columns with this content:







In order to transfer this handwritten table to Microsoft Excel, we are going to main screen and put the first number (1000) in some cell i.e. D5. After entering and pressing ENTER, our position is automatically changed to cell D6. In this place we are putting next number (2000) and so on. Navigating with arrows or mouse, we are populating cells E5 with 300 and E6 with 500.

3. Our firs table is finished. We recommend to save this document. For this purpose, you have to click on FILE tab in upper left corner and Save As. Define the name of the document and location in your computer and press ENTER.


4. Now we are ready to define the total that is sum of D5 and D6 cells. Follow these:

  • First click on cell D5 and drag the mouse until cell D6 as is shown in screenshot below








  • Click on AutoSum button:



  • VOILA! The total of 3000 in D7 cell is done – screen shot bellow:









Repeat step 4 for Cells D5 and E5. This is your first Microsoft Excel table with summary.


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    This is right place for me:)
    very useful tips!

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