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Let us create a new document in Microsoft Word 2013. You can do it in two ways:

  1. Creating new blank document or
  2. Creating new document from templates

We will see also, how you can open an existing document (file)

1. Creating a blank new document in Microsoft Word

When you start the Word program, at first you see the MS Word form, where you can select the Blank document option:


During the work with this document, you can open a new one, clicking on FILE tab, placed at the top left corner:







… choosing New and select Blank document again:












Open an Existing Document

If you want to open a document created and saved in the past, you can easily do it in the following way:

Go to Backstage view and then click Open. Now, you can find your document in Recent Documents, Your SkyDrive cloud storage, or in the Computers folder where the document is saved previously.

1. In order to open an existing document from Recent Documents, you have to click on the Recent Documents tab. You can see all recent edited documents, included files saved in the SkyDrive folder:


2. Selecting the SkyDrive account, you can see all files saved in cloud storage:


3. Computer offers you to navigate in your PC, finding previously saved documents:


After clicking on Browse button, yoou can select and open your document using the Open button.


New! In MS Word 2013, there is an option to pin some document and place  it as pinned in the Recent Documents area. In order to do this, go to Recent Documents, point the mouse over the desired file and click the pushpin icon:









2. Creating new document in Microsoft Word from templates

Templates are one very well library of  ready prepared MS Word documents you can use with only necessary content changes.

Procedure is the same as creating new blank document. The only different is choosing one most corresponding template:






Document preview will be shown and you have to accept it by clicking on Create button:











Now, you are finished with creating a new document in Microsoft Word and continue with your content entering.




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