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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

This article will show you how to insert and manage themes in your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. A theme is a set of design elements that can be applied to your presentation in order to give it a consistent and professional look, making it possible to change the tone of your presentation in a single click.

1. First click on the Design tab in the top corner of the screen. Here you can see thumbnails of the themes in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and preview them.


Note: If you browse through the listed themes you will notice that the background and the elements of the themes are changing, including Font, Colour and even the logo that is on the slide is using shape styles. To see all the themes you can click on the downward arrow in the bottom right corner of the Themes section.


2. Now choose one of the selected themes by simply clicking on it and see how the change takes effect immediately.


Note: Always keep in mind that trying out new themes will only work only if you take the advantage they have to offer, like the fonts, colour and shape styles. Whenever you choose other colours and fonts, it would not reflect the change. Also notice that every slide, from title to section header, to content has been given a fresh new look. Themes even have their own unique slide layouts. Themes represent a great way to experiment with the design of your presentation. And what’s best is that there are so many themes to choose from which makes it very easy to find a suitable one for the purpose of your presentation and make it look professionally.

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