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This article will show you the best methods for searching in Google, like searching phrases, books, definitions, images and maps. Google is a great tool for finding information on the Internet that you can use. With it you can search the entire World Wide Web for any topic. But what if you’re looking for information not from the entire web, but from a particular source, Google can also help you. Google provides a number of search utilities that help you find information from specific sources allowing you to confine your results to those sources that are most interesting for you.

1. Google Scholar represents a good example of Google Search Types and finding the right literature for your essay, thesis, etc. In Google Scholar you will be able to search through millions of books, papers, abstracts, articles, documents from NGO’s and Universities, preprint repositories and whatever else you can think of from the world of literature and science.


2. By using Global Book Search from Google Search Types, you will be able to pin point the exact materials or books you need in order to better prefer yourself for your presentation. Also bear in mind that by using this option that Google offer, you will be able to save a lot of time that otherwise you would probably spend in searching the right book without it.


The Global Book Search option from Google Search Types works exactly the same as the regular Google search. The only difference is that it searches through its enormous book database instead of the whole World Wide Web. If you search on Google Books, you will get relevant results like references, book reviews and libraries where you can loan the book or book stores where you can buy the specific book.

Also if the publisher of the book has given a permission to Google to use its content, or the book it is out of copyright, then you will be able to preview the book or even view the whole book. Another good thing here is that you can sometimes download it as an Adobe PDF copy.

3. Google Maps is just another very good Google Search Type that you have probably used by now. With it you have the world map and you either go and search for a place manually by scrolling and dragging your mouse to the desired destination, or you can just type an address in the search box on top and Google Maps will direct you to that map instantly.


4. Google Images is the fourth Google Search Type and it is also one of the most used. This Search type uses the technology that Google has in order to effectively categorize all the images found on the Internet. Whenever you search for an image, Google will query the image database it possess and it will display all the thumbnail images that match your search. If you see the desired image, just click on it and you will be able to preview it, download it or go to the website where it is originally shown.


5. Whenever you want to find a certain word definition, Google has the answer for that too. What you need to do is just to type in the word you are looking for in the search box and Google will give you results with different definitions for the word you have typed in.

6. One of the newest Google Search Types is Google Blog Search that enables you to find blogs that write about certain topics you are interested in. In order to find such blogs, just type in the subject that you are interested in and click search.


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