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Microsoft Access 2010

This article will introduce Microsoft Access 2010 and explain what Access does and how it differs from other Office applications and also will show you some of the new features in Microsoft Access 2010.

Microsoft Access 2010 is a powerful tool that you can use to create and manage relational data bases.  Microsoft Access 2010 can help you organize your data in order to make it easier to enter, edit or retrieve the information you want.

A database is a collection of information of a specific topic.


For example your address book is a database that contains contact information. Relational database on the other hand is a management system that lets you build links between related information while enabling you to organise, manipulate, query and view the data in the data base.

Microsoft Access 2010 is not like the other applications in Microsoft Office. In an application like Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, you create, view and edit document or other types of files. Access is an application that allows you to create own applications in which you can store large amounts of data. Then you can create Access queries, forms and reports to retrieve and view the data in almost any way you need it.

One of the strengths of  Microsoft Access 2010 is its flexibility, whether you are a home user trying to organise an address book or a teacher managing your class grades, a small business owner trying to organise all of your customer and inventory data or an employee of a large company in a need of a large customised multiuser database, you can use the benefits the Microsoft Access 2010 offers.

The new backstage view contains all of the commands that refer to the whole database, such as Compact & Repair and Encrypt with Password. You can also use the backstage view to set your Access options and manage your database files.


To help make database creation easier, Access offers a lot of templates that will give you everything you need to create the best database for your data. Also you can download additional templates from Microsoft online. These templates cover areas from marketing and management to assets and accounting, so almost any situation possibly occurring.


In addition to templates you can use the new Application Parts option to quickly create the database objects you need. You can use these predefined forms, tables, groups of tables and forms or groups of tables, forms and reports, so you don’t have to create this objects from beginning. Microsoft Access 2010 comes with these built in Application Parts and you can also create your own.


That’s all you need to from a beginners stands point. If you want to learn about the Access navigation pane, click here.

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