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Microsoft Security Essentials

It is essential for every computer system to be protected from unauthorized access. Your data should be kept private at all time while browsing on the Internet. So, by bringing out these facts we come to the conclusion that having an antivirus installed on your PC is essential. Anyway, there is one big dilemma that must be cleared out. The first question is why you should pay for this kind of service and how much you should pay. The answer to the dilemma is simple. You don’t have to pay a dime for this kind of service thanks to Microsoft Security Essentials. It is the best free antivirus and Internet security software ever announced. All you will need is a licenced copy of your Windows OS.

The first step is to visit the official Microsoft website and search for the Download & Shop button. Here you will be redirected to a screen like the one presented on Figure 1.


According to your operating system you can easily download the version you need. If the system is 32 bit, check the 32 bit version option, or otherwise check the 64 bit version. The download will start immediately, and the application will be downloaded on your hard drive. In the next step you will see a window like the one presented in Figure 2.


Just click the button named “Next” and continue with the installation by accepting the Software Licence Terms. The software will install on your hard drive in a matter of seconds. The next step is to press the “Finish” button like on Figure 3.


The software will update itself to the latest version. It is important to not interrupt the update because you will need the latest version of the antivirus database, like it is presented on Figure 4.


When the update is completed, the last thing you will have to do is to set up the parameters for the Antivirus.

All you need to do is to click the “Settings” button and set the parameters. In the “Default actions” you will see a menu popping up at the right side of the screen. Check the “Remove” option in every Alert level tab, like it is presented on Figure 5. Thus you will be definitely sure that the software will erase or block all viruses that intend to reach your system. By selecting this option you will be sure that your system will be safe all the time.


Keep in mind that the antivirus database should be updated every day, so check for new updates every time you turn on your computer. It is advisable to perform system scans every day after you finish your work. The best thing about this software is that it is free, reliable and doesn’t overload your processor. I would definitely suggest it to everyone to use.

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