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This is a continuation of PART 1 of this article.

We need two more images, but we don’t have any more on our computer. We have the URL of another image and we can use that to insert it. Let’s move down to the end of the third paragraph for our next image. This is where we want the second image to appear. Instead of using the insert menu, let’s use the insert image button on the toolbar.


We are going to add a photo from Wikimedia Creative Commons Collection. The photo is stored online and is available for public use. To find the URL, we went to the website, search to find a photo and copy the address to our computers clipboard. To paste the URL we first need to click that option in the insert image dialog box. Now we can paste the URL for the image that we copy. Will do this for you when you click next. When we based in the URL Google Docs showed a preview of the image so that we can be sure we have the right one. We do, so let’s use the select button to insert it.


Now the image is in the document, but it’s much too big. We can adjust the size by selecting the image and then using the sizing handles that appear the sizing handles are the white squares on the corners and in the middle of the sides of our image.


To keep the aspect ratio the same or reduce the size we need to use the corner sizing handles. Let’s use the upper left handle and drag it down.

We need to add one last image, so let’s click to the right of the photo we just added. We need an image to use, but we don’t have one or know where one is. We will use one last option to add the photograph we mean. Let’s click the insert image button to begin the Google image search option uses Google’s powerful search engine to find images on the web.


In the search box we can insert one or more keywords. Look at the results and note that all the photograph shown are labelled for commercial reuse with modification. This means they are subject to creative commons guidelines and it is permissible to use the images on our document. Let’s use the first photo in the first round. Once again at the images inserted in the document and the size can be adjusted for a better fit by using the same technique we used earlier.

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