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Google Docs

This article will show you how to insert images into Google Documents. Sometimes writers want to illustrate a point they are making or break up a large section of text and adding an image to a document isn’t easy way to accomplish either of these goals.

If you use Google Documents you will find it includes tools that make it easy to insert images you have on your computer or find on the web.

We have entered some text into this file, but now we need to insert some images. Let’s move our insertion point to the place in our document we would like the first image to appear. For our first one, we want it placed before the second paragraph which begins with “Perhaps”.

We have a photograph of a gondola on our desktop that we would like to add to our document. To begin, we need to open the insert menu and then use the image command.


In insert image dialog box we can see a few different options for finding in image. To use the file on our desktop we must uploaded. Google Docs is compatible with gif, j tag or png file types, but any file we upload must be smaller than two megabytes. Our image fits those guidelines so let’s use the browse button to find it.


Now we see a list of the items on the desktop. Lets double click the file we want to insert it.

The images are now inserted in our document, but would like the text to flow around it. To make this adjustment we need to select the image. When an image is selected the position pop-up appears. There are two choices for an image: Inline which places the image in line with the text as if it were a word and will move it with the text and Fixed which will keep the image in a fixed location, independent of the text. We want to change this image from Inline, which it is now, to Fixed, so that the text will wrap around it.

This article continues in PART 2.

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