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Microsoft Word 2010

By default when you type a website or an email address Microsoft Word 2010 turns it into a clickable link, but sometimes you want more control on what you link to and how it displays. For this you need the Insert Hyperlink dialog box which lets you link to a variety of targets, set the displays and add a screen tip to your link.


When you are editing a document and you want readers to easily reference another part of it you will add a hyperlink to do this. Also if you want them to easily access some web page from your document, you will add a hyperlink for this as well.

1. Lets connect a part of a document with a another part. In order to do that we first must set up an anchor or a location for our link. Lets select the word that we want to be a Hyperlink.


2. Now click the Insert tab on the Main Menu.


Note: The links group has three different tools for creating:

  • Cross References is similar to Hyperlinks, but only link to points into your document.
  • Bookmarks let us create custom internal targets for our links
  • Hyperlink button opens the Hyperlink Insert dialog box.

2.1. Now click on the Hyperlink button.

Note: At the top the box shows the text that has been highlighted. This is the text that is going to be made clickable. If you change the text here it would change the text in the document when the dialog box is closed.


2.2. On the left click on the Place in the Document button so we can create a hyperlink that connects a part of our text with another part in the same document.


Note: This gives us a view of the document in outline form, displaying all possible targets which include headings and bookmarks.

2.3. Now select the third one, Limitations and click OK.


Note: Now you can see the link and the Screen Tip shown above the word, which shows us what to do in order to follow the link. It also tells us that it links it to a place in this document


3. In order to edit a Hyperlink just right click it and then a ribbon will appear which offers several options.

Note: The most important one is the Remove Hyperlink option which leave the selected text unlink and the option Edit Hyperlink.


3.1. Now select the option Edit Hyperlink and a new dialog box will open which is almost identical to the previous dialog box we were talking about.


3.2. Now we want to customise the Screen Tip, so in the upper corner click on the Screen Tip button, which will open the Set Hyperlink Screen Tip dialog box, which specifies what our readers will see when they move their mouse above the link.


3.3. Write something that you want to appear as a Screen Tip and click OK, and see what happens when you move your mouse above the link.



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