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iMesh is an application for sharing, downloading, and listening or watching video spots. Also you can use it for communication with other people all around the world. It is a free application and 100%safe program. And if you want to be a part of iMesh than you have to do these following steps below:

1. You will go to visit the official web site www.IMesh.com where you can find this application and download it for free. This application on this website is 100 % safe without any virus.

01 download

2. After downloading this application you will get a program window where there are two option buttons (Run and Cancel) to choose. You will go to choose the option button Run and the download process will start:

02 instal step 1
3. Before start with installing the application program, first click on Typical installation (Recommended). The custom installation is not the correct option for the iMesh application installation.

03 instal step 2
4. After choosing the Typical Installation (Recommended), click the next step Accept and install so that the process will continue with the final steps for installation.

04 instal step 3
5. After that click on the fields  Include Torch with iMesh and Make Torch my default web browser so that after your clicking the squares will be blank, without the sign

05 finish instal
6. When you will finish with these steps, you should click on the button option Next and it will lead you to the final step where you will leave the three options blank and than press Done.

06 registration
7. When you will finish with the installation of the application program iMesh, you can go to register, and you can do that in this way: To connect via your Facebook account or to create a new iMesh account. 

07 IMesh App

In the iMesh application there are many options to choose. We will go step by step to make it   clearer for understanding:


When you sign in your program via your Facebook profile or via your iMesh account (it is your choice) you can search for your favorite song or your favorite singer from some other user worldwide. In this way you can listen music online or keep your songs in your library.


You can visit their Dj who offers you a big choice of songs online. You will do it with clicking the button “Dj”. When you go to the Dj page you will see their list of artists and on your right side you’ll see all songs of your favorite artist.


Also you have an option People where you can chat with other people on iMesh, and you can change songs and videos with your friends who are also online on iMesh.


With clicking on the button Discover you have the possibility to know more about the new albums of many music stars, and also for all albums in their career from their beginning to this day.


With the button option new Search you have the possibility to search your favorite song and to add in your library. In your library you can add many songs what you want.

Now, enjoy your iMesh account.

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