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Yahoo! Notepad

Yahoo! Notepad is an application for writing and organizing notes. As a component of a Yahoo account, Yahoo! Notepad is a tool that allows you to write a note to yourself, save it and access it later from any computer with Internet connection. In order to use Yahoo! Notepad, you must be a registered Yahoo! user.

If you do not have a Yahoo account maybe this is the time to create one. Just follow the instructions from this article http://www.softwareask.com/create-your-own-e-mail-for-total-beginners/#more-1050.

Yahoo! Notepad has been around for ages and it does everything Windows Notepad does, except that it saves files on the web associated with your Yahoo! ID. It is very simple and easy to use. There are no fonts (bold, italics, colors) and the range of options is very limited.

Here is how it works:

1. Open Notepad

You can go directly to Notepad or access it from Yahoo! Mail.

1.1. To go directly to Notepad:

Visit the Yahoo! Notepad page http://notepad.yahoo.com/

1.2. To access Notepad from the new Yahoo! Mail:

Visit Yahoo! Mail.

First, you may need to add Notepad to your Applications list:

  • In the left column, click the “Applications” option and the applications gallery opens.
  • Find the Notepad application and click Add at the right of its name.
  • Notepad can now be accessed under “Applications” in the left column.

Slika 1

When you click Notepad under “Applications” in the left column, Notepad opens in a new tab.

Slika 2

2.      Add a Note

Now you choose Add Note to write the note you wish. Add Note opens a very simple text editor.

Slika 3

2.1.         First you are instructed to write the Title of the Note for better organization of your notes and easier search in future.

2.2.         Then you write the actual Note.

Slika 4

3.     Save the Note

After writing your note, do not forget to Save it.

Slika 6

Notes then appear in a list and users may view all of them or by folder.

4.     Add Folder

It is good to organize your notes in folders so you could find them easier in future.

Slika 7

5.      Edit Note

After saving a Note you might to wish to edit it. Simply click on the note in the list ant it will open the text editor and allow you to revise and edit the note.

6.     Print the Note

You have the option to print your notes as well. Click on the Print button and you get a printable view of the note with Yahoo logo at the top and Yahoo copyright on the bottom.

Slika 8


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