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Yahoo Calendar

After learning how to use the Yahoo Notepad, now if you are tired of sticking notes to your refrigerator, computer or desk and  tired of forgetting important event in your life then let me introduce you to a better way of organizing your everyday activities and duties in your life: Yahoo! Calendar.

Yahoo! Calendar is a Web based calendar service from Yahoo! that allows you to edit and access events on your calendar from any device with an  Internet connection. If you want to use Yahoo! Calendar, you must be a registered Yahoo! user.

It is one of the largest online calendar providers with millions of users.

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Yahoo! Calendar stores your tasks online, so in the case of a user’s hard drive failure, no data is lost.

Here are some of the features of the Yahoo! Calendar that will make you want to use this free planning tool:

1.      Create an Event

Creating an event on Yahoo! Calendar is very easy. You can enter as much information as you wish, including date, time, type of the event from the list of about 27 types or whether the event is recurring or one-time only. These data will not be used for marketing purposes. Never mind if it is a birthday, project or meeting. Just enter your daily tasks on Yahoo! Calendar and you will get a virtual personal assistant who will remind you what to do and when to do it. I advise you to enter the event the moment you learn about it and not to bother remembering it. This way you will be sure that all the events are covered.

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2.     Short and Long Term Tasks

Yahoo! Calendar helps you prioritize your to-do list and offers you the option to list your short and long term tasks. The best way to use this feature is to make a general list of tasks that you want to successfully achieve within the next one to three months. Your monthly tasks will be listed as short term tasks, while the long term tasks shall be your ultimate wishes and goals.

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3.     Send a Reminder

This feature makes Yahoo! Calendar far more functional. You no longer have to check your calendar every single day. You can set up this web app to: email you, send you a message in Yahoo! Messenger or even send a text message or email to your mobile phone to remind you of your scheduled events.

If you often forget doctor appointments or even birthdays and anniversaries, this feature alone will help you keep organized and in time for every single appointment in your chaotic everyday schedule.

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4.     Send an Invitation

One more very useful feature of Yahoo! Calendar is the “Invitations” tool. By simply listing email addresses you can remind family, friends or co-workers of important events. If you are working on a project with colleagues and you have all agreed to meet, you can use this feature to have Yahoo!

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5.     Sharing

Another powerful feature of Yahoo! Calendar is its ability to share events within your calendar, either publicly or just to a select few.

You can choose to make your Yahoo! Calendar publicly viewable, viewable to a selected set of other Yahoo! users or private (non-viewable). If you allow others to view your calendar, you can choose whether each appointment is private, busy or public which means it appears with all its details.

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