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Microsoft Word 2010

This article will teach you how to quickly format parts of your document based upon the parts of other places in your document. For example in this document there is a subheading with a specific title.


This subheading contains multiple formats and those formats are:

  • Colour: blue
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font Size: 12
  • It is Bold
  • It has a paragraph spacing after value of 6 pt

1. In order to copy those formats and apply them to the remaining subheadings in the document, without having to go through all the steps that it took to apply the formats to this one subheading, is a simple matter of just selecting the line containing the formats and from the Home tab you should select the Format Painter button, which is in the Clipboard section.


Note: If you click on the Format Painter button once, it means that you get to copy the format and apply it one time; otherwise you would have to do the same procedure all over again. But, if you know that you want to apply the format to multiple areas, then click it twice and you can keep applying and applying until you either press the Escape button or you click the Format Painter button again.

Note: When you move the mouse pointer to another area of the document once you have clicked on the Format Painter button, notice that the mouse painter arrow has changed into the following symbol.


2. Now scroll down the document to the location where you have another subheading or any other text that you wish to apply these formats to. Then just click on it an all those formats will be copied to your selected text.


3. After you are finished with copying these formats, just press the Escape button or click once again on the Format Painter button.

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