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Google Docs

This is PART 2 of the article about how to share with Google Docs.

Let’s see what a new presentation via looks like. If you’ve use Microsoft Office PowerPoint or another slideshow application you will see that Google Docs presentation is very similar. You can create a slideshow by adding new slides and then adding text, images, drawings and even videos. When you are ready to show your slides you can easily invite viewers to join you online or publish the slideshow on a web page for people to view at anytime.


Now let’s take a look at a spreadsheet. Google spreadsheets aren’t as sophisticated as other spreadsheets but for most users the features offered are sufficient. A Google spreadsheet looks very much like a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet. You can work with columns and enter data and formulas, and can create charts to review data graphically. However, Google Docs spreadsheet offers a unique chat feature that you can use when editing with other collaborators, in order to discuss changes you are making in real time.


If you ever need to survey a group of people to get their opinions about a topic then a Form is exactly what you need. Forms are actually a part of the spreadsheet application and they are really easy to create. Let’s take a look at Form is a template you used to create surveys and it offers seven question types to choose from. Once your survey is ready, you can add or embed it in a web page. When people complete the survey their answers are automatically entered in a Google Docs spreadsheet that you can then use. You can also use forms to collect information such as addresses, recipes in a set format. There is no way to return to the main page from a form, so we will have to close the form.


The last type of file is a drawing. Google Docs drawings may be the application that is least familiar. When you open a new file you see a blank page with a menu bar and toolbar that provide access to menus like file or insert and various drawing tools in a drying. You can create flowcharts, diagrams and other pictures. Once you’re drawing is finished, it can be embedded in a Google Docs presentation or spreadsheet.


Google Docs offers many benefits and you can use it as a one-stop shop for many of your basic desktop application needs.

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