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Google Docs

This article will introduce you to Google Docs, what can be created with it and what are the benefits of using Google Docs.

If you are looking for a way to work on a document spreadsheets or presentation file without having to email it to yourself or carry a USB flash drive, then Google Docs is one of the apps that can be useful for you. It grants you with access to your files from any internet connected computer and an added bonus is that Google Docs allows you to share your files with others who can view and add them in real time.

Google Docs has expanded into a full online office suite offering applications such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms. It provides an online platform that is easy to access and update and depending on the activity, files can be written and edited by one person, by a small group or by entire companies.

The best way to learn about Google Docs is to try it. If you have any difficulty using Google Docs later help is readily available through our mind documentation forums and to the Google Docs YouTube channel.

If you need to collaborate with others on a project and you decide to look at the applications offered in Google Docs to familiarize yourself with them before you begin. We have logged into our Google account and want access Google Docs. There are two ways to get there from here. Typing docs.google.com in the address bar or using the more hyperlink at the top and then choosing documents from the list. Let’s use the hyperlink.


Your Google Docs personal main page gives you a quick overview of any existing files and has to areas, the navigation area on the left provides a way to filter what files are shown in the items area and below that shows folders that either you’ve created to organize your files or those that have been shared with you.


Above the navigation area you can also access the buttons to upload existing files from your computer or create brand new ones. The items area just to the right of the navigation area lift individual files by name and tight the list also shows which folder of file is saved in and with whom the file is shared, if anyone. The toolbar across the top of this area includes commands for managing files the first time you log into Google Docs your list of files will be empty.

Let’s get started with artwork by creating a file that revealed a drop down menu that lists the different kinds of files you can create. In addition to application files this is also where you create new folders to organize your files and where you can access the templates gallery. This last feature enables you to create a new file using an existing layout.


For now we are going to concentrate on taking a look at the each type of file. First let’s look at documents. Take a minute to look at the document window.


The name of the file appears in the upper left corner. Right now it is untitled document. The menu and toolbars that run across the top of the document contain command similar to other word processor programs. Let’s go back to the main Google Docs view.

To close the Google Docs file you can close the browser window but you can also return to the main page by clicking the  logo in the upper left corner.


Since we did not have anything to the document we created and did not linger on it long enough for the auto safety option to activate, nothing was saved in our items list.

This article continues in PART 2.

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