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This article will show you how to reduce the file size of an image, how to crop an image. Photos are memories that you cherish for a lifetime, but sometimes you need to resize your digital images, perhaps to eliminate scenery around a person or to reduce the outer edges of an image. To create a focal point reducing an image by removing edges and changing dimensions is called cropping and it alters the composition of the original image. You can also resize them by changing the file size. For instance you might have large image files that are ideal for print. Ones that have high resolution, but you want to put them on a web page which requires smaller file size – those that have lower resolution. You can resize large image files by reducing the resolution which changes the file size, but retains the composition of the original image.

1. We have a couple of pictures in Picasa that we need to resize. After we have imported the pictures on our computer, the first thing we need is that in this case, the image of the birds in the park below, needs to be cropped a bit.


2. To begin making our change we need to double click it. With the picture selected we can begin cropping the photo.


3. The basic fixes tab is already selected so we can use the crop button to change the dimensions of the photo.


4. We can crop this photo in several different ways. The list box just below the instructions has a number of choices for formatting including the manual choice that’s currently selected. Below the list box there are three thumbnails. If any of these are what we want we can click them to crop the photo as the thumbnail shows. We don’t see anything that works right now, so let’s look at our choices in the list box.


The list box has various sizes that can be collected to make a crop and it provides an explanation of why you might want to choose each type. The options are many, but for this project we want to create a four by six photo. When we selected the dimension, the three thumbnails below changed.

5. We might like the way the middle one is cropped so let’s try that. The box on the picture shows us that if we apply this, the centre of the picture will remain and the rest of the photo will be removed.


6. The thumbnail on the right looks like it might be better.


This crop choice keeps more of our image. If we wanted to, we could click and drag this crop area around to move the crop to another spot in the photo. But this looks good, so let’s accept that. That helped us focus our image ant it took out the areas we didn’t want. If we made a mistake or decided to make a change we could undo our crop from here.

This article continues into PART 2.

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