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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

This article will show you how to insert a narration into a Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation. In order to create a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 that will be played online or includes audio throughout the entire presentation you can record a narration to accompany the PowerPoint file.

1. First when you are in normal view select the thumb nail in the slides pane that is on the left side for the slide in which you want the narration to begin and then click the slideshow tab in the top navigation and in the setup group click the button to record narration.


2. After you have done this, a dialogue box will appear where you can adjust the levels in the quality of your recording, so first select the button to set the microphone level and specify the volume setting and then click ok.


3. What you need to do next is select the button to change quality and in the first drop down menu choose the quality for the recording.


Note: What is good to know is that CD quality is the highest quality, Radio quality is a bit lower and Telephone quality is the lowest possible. You should know that if you choose a higher quality, then you have to cope with a larger file size and this rule is the same for all options. When you have made your selection the attributes will change automatically and you can click the OK button.

4. Now down at the bottom of the dialog box you can choose whether to link the narration recording to the prison patient just check the box to link and then browse to select the folder in which you want to save the file.


Note: If you don’t like the narration it’s actually embedded into your presentation, so by linking it you can keep your presentation file at a manageable size. The only thing that is required from you is to save the link narration file to the same folder on your computer where you have also saved your PowerPoint presentation.

Note: Now it’s time to start recording so as soon as you click OK in the dialog box, the slide that you chose as the first slide for your narration will open-end slideshow view. Just a reminder that if you choose a slide other than the first one in your presentation to record your narration you’ll get a little pop-up box asking if you want to start recording from that slide or from the first slide.


5. Now, the only thing that you need to do is to speak what you want to be recorded as a narration into the microphone and then the audio file will be embedded to the specific PowerPoint slide. When you are done with the narration for that slide click on the slide to advance to the next one. Whenever you start you can just keep record in the narration and clicking on a slide to advance to the next slide at the appropriate time in your presentation. If you need to take a breather at any point just right mouse click on the slide that you are in and select pause narration and then when you are ready to continue again just right mouse click again and select resume the narration.


6. Once you have recorded your whole presentation and you get to the black screen that tells you that you are at the end of the slideshow, click on that screen to save your narration and the dialogue box will also ask you whether you want to save the slide.


7. When you select save, your presentation will appear in slide sorter view with the timings displayed under each slide.


If you choose don’t save, PowerPoint will still save your recorded narration but not the timing and you’ll just go back to the first slide.

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