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This article will show you how to create a Wikipedia account and how to use it in order to create content on it. Wikipedia is free to use and this means that anyone can sign up, contribute and expand the knowledge it contains with a few simple clicks. Although you can add an article without a user account, having one will enable you to create new articles, renamed pages, upload images and set up a large list to track changes.

1. At the Wikipedia home page we can usually begin the process of creating an account. In the upper right corner of the screen we can use the login, create account hyperlink.


Because we don’t have an account yet we can’t login, so will first have to use create one hyperlink and make our own Wikipedia account complete with a unique username.


Before we do so let’s consider the important safety tips offered here. This page reminds us to choose a secure password, avoid fishing and keep our login information private.

2. With all of that in mind let’s create a free Wikipedia account. There’s a lot of information here about creating an account and you will want to read up on this when you create your own.


For now let’s go ahead and scroll down to see what’s next.


Here Wikipedia asks us for several things including a username, a password and email address and a captha response. After you create a username and a unique password enter your email address next so that if you forget the password or want to communicate with other users. Now click the Create Account button and a window will appear.


3. This login successful page verifies that we have effectively created our Wikipedia account. With it, we have many options such as starting new pages, editing semi protected pages and uploading images. Let’s sample these benefits by adding an article that interests us to our watch list. The article we want to keep track of is about Abraham Lincoln. So just write the name in search.


Watching pages allows any logged in user to keep a list of watched pages and to generate a list of recent changes made to those pages. In this way you can keep up-to-date with what’s happening to pages you have created or take a special interest in. We can add this article on Abraham Lincoln to our watch list by simply clicking the Watch tab at the top of the page.


4. Now at the top of the page we get a message telling us that the page has been added to our watch list which will list edits to this page and its associated talk page. Let’s take a look at our watch list now and see exactly what this looks like. The link for it is in the upper right area of the page. This page lists the changes made to all articles on our watch list and offers the option to display changes and to view or edit the watch list.


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