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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

This article will show you how to add music, narrations and sound files inside a Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation. First of all open any presentation you already have, like the one we have opened (shown on the picture below) and I want to add a music file to the first slide of the presentation. Now what you need to do is, from the Insert ribbon located to the far right of the window screen click on the icon that resembles to a speaker. After you do this, a dialog box will show up on your screen, which will allow you to browse for a music file. Now select any of the music files you want to insert in the presentation.


After you go through with the previous step, a speaker icon will show up in the middle of the PowerPoint slide. Now just click on the speaker icon in order to activate the necessary controls and then just click the Play button so you can hear the music file you have previously selected.


After you have inserted the music file in your presentation, you can go through the controls that PowerPoint 2010 offers in order to choose how the music file is played in your presentation. Now click on the speaker icon in order to activate all the controls needed. After this command you will notice that a menu will show up on your screen. Just click the Playback button and then the Next button in order to play it. What you can do here is to use the drop down menu on your screen so you would be able to choose how the sound to play. By default, the audio file is set to play automatically as the slide start to play. During the presentation you can click the speaker icon if you want the music file you have inserted to be played while all the slides are previewed. Now choose the automatic option from the list.


Once you are on the next slide, what you want to add is a narration, which is a very similar process to the previous one where we added a music file. The only difference is that here, instead of clicking the speaker icon on the Insert ribbon, just click on the audio with the little down arrow. Now a short cut menu will appear and from here just choose Record Audio.


Now, from the controls that will show up, just click on the Record button and start your recording. After you are finished recording just play the sound back or set the controls just as we previously did.


The final step you need to do is to insert an audio clip. In order to this, just go to your last slide where we will insert Applause as an audio clip. Now go to the Insert ribbon and choose Clip Art audio. After this command, a panel will show up to your right of the window screen, where a sound clip can be inserted. In the panel select Claps and Cheers and that’s all.

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