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Microsoft Word 2010

If you need to use lines, rectangles, circles, arrows, flowchart symbols, equitation shapes, stars, banners or callouts in your document, the easiest way is to INSERT A SHAPE.

The usage of Shapes in your documents adds clarity and interest for the readers.

In this tutorial you will learn the necessary steps for inserting and resizing a shape in Microsoft Word 2010.

Inserting a shape:

1. First, click on Insert tab;
2. Click on Shapes button;
3. Choose one shape and click on the Shape. (Ex. Right Triangle, see picture below)

01 Insert

4. Then, click in the document and drag the mouse until the desired location and size of the shape is achieved.

02 Shape

Resizing a shape

1. First, select the Shape;

2. Drag the sizing pointers on the corners, until the desired size is achieved.

03 Resize

3. If you want to rotate the shape, click on the green pointer and drag to rotate the shape

04 Rotation

4. If you want to change the height and width of the shape simultaneously, click on the yellow pointer and drag to achieve the desired look of the shape.

05 Yellow

Changing the order of shapes

If you use two shapes in your document and there is overlapping, you need to order them in the right way. You can choose which one will be in the front and which in the back, by using Sent to Back option or Bring to Front option.

If you use multiple shapes in your document, you can order them by using Bring Forward option or Send Backward.

Steps for changing the order of shapes:

1. First, right-click on shape you want to move; (a new menu will appear)
2. If you want to move the shape in front click Bring to Front, then choose Bring to Front, Bring Forward or Bring in Front of Text.

06 Bring to Front

3. If you want to move the Shape in the back, click Send to Back, then choose Send to Back, Send Backward or Send Behind Text.

07 Send Back

After selecting the right desired options, the shapes will be reordered.

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