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This article is PART 2 of the topic.

We can also resize rows and columns by clicking and dragging the border we want to modify. Since row one contains column headers, let’s make it a little larger. To increase it we need to click the bottom border of the first row and then to drag about a quarter of an inch down. We have added a green light on the screen to guide you.


Now that we have re-sized row one, we can make a headings stand out more. The most common way is to make the header row bold. We can use the textiles to format the text within the cells just as we would if this were a normal paragraph.

First we need to select the text in the first row. With the text selected we can and the bold formatting using the bold button on the toolbar.


We can access the table properties to the table menu.


In the table properties dialog box we can make several formatting changes to our table. We can change the table border width or colour, modify the height and width of the columns and rows, or make changes to the cells background-colour, vertical alignment or cell padding.


Let’s change our table border colour from black to red. To do so we need to click the currently selected colour. There are several shades of red in the colour picker. We want to use the dark red so let’s choose the sixth colour in the second row.


The final formatting change we will make is to change the background colour of the cells in the header, from white to grey. They’re still selected so we can click their left tab in the table properties dialog box to make a change to the cells. To view the colours we will again click the current white colour to the right of the background-colour. There are several shades of gray, so we will select the second colour in the first row.


Now let’s accepts these changes and see what our table looks like. Notice how the different background colour makes the header rows stand out and he borders sets off the table nicely.


Now that you know how to insert and format a table, you have some of the skills you need to produce a professional looking document using Google Docs.

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