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This article will show you how to manage folders in Picasa and the different methods of adding and importing images in Picasa. If you have many digital photos in may need a way to organize them. Picasa is a free program from Google which has some great features for viewing, organizing and even editing the images on your hard drive. To use Picasa you first need to download. It’s available from www.picasa.google.com.


After you download and install it you can choose to have to pass up look on your hard drive for image files and import them. It’s important to note that Picasa will not move the images on your hard drive. They will remain in their original location. Picasa simply finds them and displays the images in one convenient interface.

After you have downloaded and installed Picasa it asks you where you’d like to look for pictures on your computer so you can see them in Picasa. But once you add folders to Picasa you can adjust the settings and import new photos in several different ways.

1. First we will explore the options offered on the file menu. This menu shows us a few different choices for adding into importing photos. let’s take a look at the first one, the Add Folder to Picasa command.


2. That opened the folder manager which is where we can choose viewing options for all the folders on our hard drive. These are removed from Picasa, which takes all contents of the folder out of the library.


Scan Once which shows the content of the time of the scan. Scan Always which constantly scans the selected folder and its subfolders for any updated information or new images and toggle Face Detection On. Let’s leave these options alone and look at some more ways to add images.

3. Let’s go back to the file menu and look at how to add individual images by using the Add File to Picasa command.


From here we can search through the files on our computer and simply select whichever ones we would like to view on Picasa. One caution to adding files this way is if you choose a file in a folder that contains other images. Picasa will automatically add that folder to its viewing list. Let’s close this dialog box for now.


To learn more about importing images in Picasa go through PART 2 of this article.

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