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Being easy to use, free and user-friendly technology, Skype allows you to stay in touch with your dear ones all over the world. Skype is best known for allowing users to make free calls over an Internet connection.

But in order to call someone you have to find them first.

Finding and connecting people on Skype is very easy.

Just follow these steps and you won’t have any problems.

1. Sign in to your Skype account by typing you Skype name and password (Provided you already have installed Skype on your computer and created an account: Instructions on http://www.softwareask.com/how-to-install-skype/#more-2385)

2. If you already have the person you want to connect to in your Contact you’ll only have to select their name from the list of Contacts. 

Slika 1

2.1. If you type the name of the person you are looking for directly in the “Search” field and he/she is not in your contact list, Skype tells you that and you click on the “Find this person” button:

Slika 2

and a list of “Matches found” appears:

Slika 3

2.2. Also you can directly choose “Add a Contact” from  ”Contacts” on the menu bar  to search for a  person that is not in your contacts.

Slika 4

In the screen that opens, fill in the text boxes with any information you have on the person you are searching for, such as name, email address, or Skype name.

Slika 5

Click the “Add Contact” button for any names you want to add to your contacts.

Slika 6

3. This takes you to the “Send Contact Request” window. A short text is already prepared in the middle, but you can also type in something different, a more personal message. Then click on “Send request” and the person you have selected will receive this message.

Slika 7

4. Skype gives an option to enter contacts from your email address book by using the “Import Contacts” tab found in the “Contacts” menu option to search for several people at once.

Slika 8

4.1. Choose where you want to import contacts from: Facebook, Mail… and enter your username and password.

Slika 9

4.2. Select the contacts you wish to add, individually or all at once, with the “Add Contact” button.

Slika 10

4.3. Now click “Next” which will take you to Invite window. You can either invite your friends or click “Skip”.

Slika 11

Now if you return to your standard Skype site you will see that the requested contact is now added to your address book.

As long as the contact is not confirmed by the person to whom you have sent the contact request only two question marks appear in front of the name. One in the profile symbol, another is the status symbol.

Once the contact accepts you request you will be able to see his/her status.

Of course you may also get contact requests. They appear on top of your Skype address book column with an orange circle. It is your decision whether you’ll accept or ignore the contact request, or even block it.


Enjoy your communication with the ones you care for!

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